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PreSchool Room

Our preschool room provides activities and challenges to help your child progress and grow in all areas of development. They will become more confident and independent, learning and developing social skills needed to ensure a smooth transition to school.


• Children start pre-school around two and a half years of age.


• Our large preschool room allows children to access freely a vast range of educational, fun resources.  Friendships are formed as they discover and explore together sharing experiences and ideas.


• Pre-school room is an open plan room based downstairs which has large French doors leading out in to the garden.

• The key person works closely with parents to provide children with an individual learning experience.


• Daily activities include physical activity such as music and dance, circle times, cooking, art and craft, different types of messy play and ICT play.


• Pre-school provides the perfect platform allowing children to acquire all the skills needed for school


We work closely with Cliffe Woods Primary school ensuring your child's transition to school is as smooth as possible. We welcome visits from teachers from the local primary schools prior to children starting school. 

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